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Struggling to Cope With Depression?

Find Professional, Results-Focused Depression Treatment at Our Private Residential Depression Treatment Facility

at The Dawn, Thailand

Accredited by the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI)

International Insurance Accepted

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We know how debilitating depression can be...

It saps your energy, confidence and ability to enjoy life. You don't want to wake up in the morning. You feel unworthy of love and unable to smile. The smallest tasks and decisions become difficult and each day is an uphill battle.

Our Program Gives You Back Control Of Your Life!

We customize your treatment plan so you can find relief, learn to manage your disorder and live a full and healthy life again.

The Dawn's Clients Come From:

The Dawn's Clients Come From:

Why Residential Treatment for Depression is the Most Effective Option

residential depression

More than 2 in 3 people suffering with depression do not seek treatment leading to other serious social and physical consequences including:

  • Chronic pain to memory and heart problems 
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Loss of productivity and career
  • and in worst cases scenarios, loss of life. Over 60% of people who commit suicide have depression

When struggling with a severe mental illness, outpatient therapy cannot offer the level of medical care and psychiatric support provided through residential treatment.

Inpatient depression treatment is therefore best for those whose depression has become more severe - as it typically features a longer length of stay, giving people the time and space they need to recover. A residential facility also allows a person to get away from the pressures of their daily life -- as stress, worry and lack of downtime are known to worsen depression.

Here's Why Our Clients Succeed

  • Result-driven Individualized Treatment Plans Based on:
  • A thorough bio/psycho/social assessment to diagnose the issues underlying their mental health conditions
  • Mutually agreed upon Treatment Goals between the client and their focal therapist
  • Continual re-evaluation and adjustment of the treatment plan to ensure measurable progress is made towards these goals according to clinical standards
  • Psychiatric Consultation & 24 Hour Medical Support

For those requiring medication-assisted treatment, our psychiatrist collaborates with the client’s focal therapist to ensure they receive the appropriate prescription. We also have a 24-hour professional nursing team, experienced in physical and psychiatric conditions, always on site to care for clients.

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  • Holistic Therapy

Apart from medical support and evidenced-based psychotherapy, our clients participate in Eastern wellness practises such as meditation and yoga, which have been scientifically-proven to reduce stress levels and focus the mind - not only improving treatment outcomes but equipping our clients for life with tools to manage their real-life pressures.

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment

The Dawn is the only non-hospital inpatient mental health treatment facility in Asia to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS therapy. TMS is a cutting-edge, FDA approved, non-invasive technology that improves symptoms of depression, even in those resistant to medication -- and when combined with psychotherapy greatly enhances treatment outcomes.

  • A World Away From Your Stressors

Set along the banks of the Ping River on the outskirts of Chiang Mai city, The Dawn's inpatient mental health facility is a lush oasis of peace surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai villages – you will be a world away from the people, places and things that contribute to your condition.

Why Our Clients Choose The Dawn

Internationally Accredited Center

We are the only residential depression treatment center in Asia with international accreditation by the American Accreditation Commission International (ACCI), a globally-reputed body overseeing clinical excellence in health care. This means our treatment services adhere to global best-practices in terms of quality and patient-safety from clinical, medical and environmental perspectives. We are committed to upholding these standards by the AACI through annual audits.

Western Clinical Team

Our clinical team is made up of highly trained Western psychologists, counsellors and therapists – each a specialist in their field.

No Waitlist

Long waitlists to consult with specialists for your condition is unacceptable when you need help right now. At The Dawn we're available to consult with you immediately and there are no long delays before being able to attend our residential program.

Anonymity Offered by a Foreign Country

For those concerned about ‘discrimination’ around mental health issues, seeking treatment abroad automatically ensures privacy without further risk to professional or social relationships. At The Dawn, your confidentiality is our priority.

Affordable Lasting Recovery

The Dawn costs approximately 1/3 of the price of similar high-quality residential mental health treatment centers located in the West or Australia.

The Dawn's Residential Treatment Facility

  • Private room with en-suite bathroom, king-size bed and veranda
  • A swimming pool and sauna
  • Hi-speed internet always available
  • Professionally prepared daily meals
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Dawn licensed?

The Dawn is internationally accredited by the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI), a widely recognized body overseeing clinical excellence and provision of health care, and accredited nationally by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

How long will my treatment take?

Whether you’re seeking treatment for anxiety, depression or another psychiatric condition, we will tailor your treatment plan specifically to your needs. The length of your treatment will depend on the complexity of your diagnosis as well as your responsiveness to treatment, a process that can take anywhere from four weeks to six months. Ideally, we ask clients to try to clear their schedule for approximately two months in order to see clear results.

How much therapy will be part of my treatment?

Our clients typically participate in two individual counselling sessions and over 20 hours of group therapy per week. Your counsellor will continually monitor your progress during these sessions. If they find that you are struggling, you’ll get additional one-on-one time to further explore your issues and needs, and strengthen your recovery.

Do I have to participate in group sessions?

Yes, group therapy sessions and group activities are a major component of treatment at The Dawn, and play a pivotal role in the effectiveness of our mental health programmes. In fact, most of our clients attribute a big part of their recovery to the ability to identify with the group and the support they received from the community.

Will I receive aftercare following my treatment?

Yes, we offer weekly online group counselling sessions. We believe that aftercare is vital in helping you work through any issues as you settle back into your daily routine at home. Aftercare is also a key factor in preventing the recurrence of symptoms and to support your continued recovery.

Is there medical support at The Dawn?

The Dawn has a 24-hour onsite professional nursing team who has vast experience in handling medications as well as patients with psychological issues. Under the supervision of our psychiatrist, who handles all prescription medication, the team carefully monitors and assists clients as required.

What medications will I receive?

This will depend on your initial assessment by our medical team. If medication is determined to be necessary for your condition, then it will be prescribed by our psychiatrist.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcome if the visit is of therapeutic value and the visitor is pre-approved by your focal counsellor. Visits are typically encouraged during the weekend and last for a maximum of two hours so as not to disrupt your treatment schedule.

Am I allowed to leave the centre premises?

Yes, but with a few conditions so as to ensure your continued recovery. During the first four weeks in treatment, you’ll enjoy a weekly group outing with members of our staff. Any other trip off-site during this critical month in treatment must be for medical reasons, and include a referral from our in-house medical team and a staff escort.
After a minimum of four weeks in treatment, you will be allowed to leave the centre unescorted for a few hours, as long as the outing has been pre-approved by your focal counsellor.

Can a friend or loved one come with me to treatment?

Though a loved one is welcome to drop you off at the Centre and to come for periodic visits (as long as the visit is pre-approved by your focal counsellor), only clients are able to live on site. This is to help you focus your time and energy solely on yourself and your recovery. However, our staff is happy to recommend hotels for your loved one if they would like to stay nearby as you concentrate on your healing and wellness.

Will I have access to a phone/laptop/wi-fi?

Yes, we allow phone, computer and internet access – unless restricted by our Clinical team for therapeutic purposes.


We have a simple, yet robust, intake procedure. Within 12 hours of receiving your initial enquiry, we will contact you to gather more information about the client’s personal details and history, as well as provide an overview of The Dawn and answer any questions you may have. After this initial contact, one of our Clinical staff members will follow up with the client to do a preliminary assessment to gage if we can treat your condition effectively.
We require a US$2,000 deposit at the time of booking. After we receive the booking and deposit, we can help our clients with travel arrangements, such as visa support, flight bookings, and airport transfers.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept insurance from leading healthcare providers worldwide. Please consult with your provider about their coverage to ensure that all your questions are answered prior to treatment.

How will my privacy be protected?

We take the confidentiality of every one of our clients very seriously. Our staff strictly adheres to international standards of medical confidentiality, and no information about you will ever be released without your written permission.

The Dawn

Location: Nong Tong, Hangdong, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50340