People struggling with mental health conditions often require professional help and support. The cost of treatment in Australia or the UK can be prohibitively expensive, with a full course of treatment costing upwards of $60,000. 

Thailand facilities cost less to operate than services in Western countries due to the lower cost of living in South East Asia. This allows The Dawn to employ top-calibre Western clinicians, who are happy to live in Thailand at the same standard they did back home, ensuring our clients the same high quality care as premium facilities in the West. Coming to Thailand for treatment also gives the added benefit of an authentic cultural experience in a beautiful tropical setting, letting clients recover nicely at a fraction of the price.

At The Dawn, we offer a truly holistic treatment experience. Our calming sanctuary on the banks of the Ping River in rural Chiang Mai offers the most effective Western therapeutic techniques, accompanied by the healing benefits of traditional Asian practices. And literally being a world away from the things and situations that contribute to your condition, you can completely focus on yourself – leading to a deep and lasting transformation in your health and wellbeing.

Our costs are competitive with any of the top treatment centres in Thailand, and are far lower than the standard rates in comparable treatment centres in many other countries. We pride ourselves on being absolutely transparent about what our costs cover.

Our commitment to excellence is recognised through our status as the sole CARF-accredited rehab in Asia-Pacific, a status shared with elite U.S. facilities.

What is Included in The Dawn’s Prices?

The Dawn’s prices are all-inclusive and encompasses personal treatment, living quarters, cuisine, resort-style facilities and extra-curricular offsite activities. Every one of these services plays an important role in contributing to making your stay a truly transformative yet pleasant experience.


The majority of our costs go to staff salaries. Our English-speaking staff consist of a highly-experienced, Western-trained Clinical team. They are supported by a friendly and caring Community Support Team and a certified Nursing team who are onsite around-the-clock. On the wellness side – you will work with our fitness trainers, meditation and yoga coach as well as our masseurs.


Your treatment is the most important part of your stay, and includes many different treatment options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Two individual therapy sessions per week with a trained specialist will help you discover and treat any unresolved trauma, which is a hidden cause of many mental health conditions. Group therapy is also an invaluable component of recovery, as it allows you to connect meaningfully with other clients in a safe and supportive setting.


Our holistic approach to treatment enhances the well-being of each client’s mental, spiritual, and physical state, by integrating refined wellness therapies into the programme. Mindfulness and meditation play a large role in psychological recovery at The Dawn, while art therapy helps clients channel and express their feelings productively. To promote physical well-being, we provide individual and group fitness training, yoga classes and two complimentary massages per week.


Even after primary therapy has been completed, our services and support continue.  We offer weekly online aftercare group counselling, accessible at convenient times for those residing in the US, UK, Australia and Asia. These sessions are especially vital during early recovery - not only do they help you navigate the challenges of settling back into your daily life, but also ensure that the gains you made during treatment are deep and lasting.


Each of The Dawn’s single occupancy rooms include everything you need to have a comfortable and relaxing stay. Every room has:

  • A king-size bed
  • Air conditioning unit
  • A flat screen LCD TV
  • English-language satellite channels 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Attached bathroom with toiletries (soap, shampoo, hair conditioner) 
  • A wardrobe
  • Daily laundry service and room cleaning
  • Notebooks, pens, a work desk and a chair
  • An outdoor balcony, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the riverside


Thailand is world-renowned for its delicious and savoury cuisine. Each of our clients is provided with three meals per day. These include Thai and Western options, with vegetarian selections available, and a salad bar. Our coffee and tea facilities are accessible at all times.


We pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Every Sunday, we take our clients on a day-trip to enjoy the many tourist’s attractions that Chiang Mai has to offer. If a client is referred outside by our in-house medical team, or needs to get an extension on their visa they will be escorted by our staff in our vehicle.


Our excursions and activities include elephant sanctuaries, jungle treks, zip lines, temple tours and kayaking. Entrance fees, lunch, and transport costs are all included in your treatment fees.


Our facilities have been carefully designed to offer a fine balance between recovery and wellness. Our clients enjoy a beautiful swimming pool with sunbathing beds, a traditional Thai-style massage studio, a yoga and meditation room, a gym, a ping pong and pool table zone– and, finally, an alfresco dining area, where you can look out over the Ping River.


What isn’t Included in the Price?

Naturally, you will have to cover your flights to Thailand and back to your home country, visa extension fees, and any transport not related to your stay at The Dawn. We also do not cover medication, TMS therapy, offsite medical purchases and services. 

We also recommend that you plan for some extra expenses, which may include travel medical insurance, shopping, souvenirs, and international phone calls. As mentioned above, we offer two complimentary massages per week as part of your treatment plan – but you may want to indulge and get another for the reasonable price of 400 THB for a Thai massage, or 500 THB for an oil massage.

Want to Know More About The Dawn’s Prices?

The Dawn offers the highest quality treatment for your journey towards recovery and wellness. Our inpatient prices are much more affordable than any comparable centre in the West, but of the same excellent quality.


Due to current travel restrictions in some regions,

we are also offering a unique Virtual Treatment programme