About Us

The Dawn is a mental and behavioural health residential treatment centre located in Chiang Mai on a beautiful riverfront property with 35 rooms, The Dawn first opened its doors to clients in 2017 to fill the need of Westerners requiring immediate access to high-quality treatment but faced with long waitlists in their countries. Since then we have successfully treated over 1000+ clients from 65 different countries. 

Our commitment to clinical excellence is recognised through our status as the sole CARF-accredited rehab in Asia-Pacific, a status shared with elite U.S. facilities. All this to make sure at The Dawn we offer a beacon of hope for those seeking a path to mental health recovery. 

Registered Nurse
Medical · Hang Dong, Chiang Mai


This position works as part of a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists to provide the best possible care and services for clients, including

  1. Critical role during a medical detoxification phase, responding to any changes in medication and reporting to the multidisciplinary teams for any adjustments
  2. Supporting general medical care and providing support to clients in distress.
  3. Observe closely on clients’ behaviours and their overall interaction.
  4. Manage and execute all nursing duties in accordance with SOPs including but not limited to providing first aid, administering medications, reviewing and documenting patient history, symptoms, assessments, tests, reporting any abnormalities, and referring patients to a hospital or a clinic when necessary.
  5. Perform end-of-shift verbal handover.
  6. Review and implement verbal physician orders and authenticate in writing, within a reasonable time, and in the client record.
  7. Manage medication inventory, medical equipment, and replenish as necessary.


This position is open to both Thais and foreigners with professional training and experience

*For Thai applicants: we require current licensure in Thailand as Registered Nurse as well as:

  1. Ability to cover night shifts
  2. Ability to communicate in English
  3. Experience in inpatient ward will be a plus
  4. Driving licence

Company Benefit:

  1. Annual Salary Increment
  2. 22 Shifts per month
  3. Evening Shift and Night Shift Allowance
  4. Social Security
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Annual Leaves
  7. 15 days Public Holiday per year
  8. Birthday Leave 
  9. Provident Fund
  10. Annual Bonus
  11. Duty Meal
  12. Uniform